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Review : The Body Shop Mango Beautifying Oil.

I have serious oily skin & blemished back. And even though my arms & legs can get dry, the moment I touch them with a body moisturizer, I become all oily & cheeky. even in winters. I always hoard on massage creams & stuff & other than sniffing/smelling at them , I sparingly use them. When I saw these massage oils, I ate the SA’s head into explaining me all about them.

TBS says: Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one has an exotic mango scent. For body, face and hair A little goes a long way Exotic mango scent.

India haul – Part 1!

Hey everyone. hope you all are having a great week. If you follow me on facebook/instagram, you’d know that I’m currently in Mumbai, India visiting my family. And of course, with all my friends raving about the products,places etc I just HAD to go out and check out stuff…

Mumbai has really come out with a ton of malls in the past 2yrs. Some of them in the most unexpected places. I checked out the Phoenix market city (not to be confused with Phoenix mills)- loved it!!! it feels just like the malls in US! Hubby loved it too so it was a relief. LOL
Lets check out the piccys 🙂

Haul time — featuring MAC, Bobbi Brown,Bath & Body works and The Body shop :)

Hey my pretty ladies…. I know I was away the entire july. but sometimes you just need to get away. not that I really achieved anything *phhhbbbttt*
So…. long story short- I’m back! *insert polite bow here* And as this post says… I’ll be having quite some stuff here so expect a ton of reviews and EOTDS *applause applause*

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