Urban Decay Whiskey/Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Review & Swatches!

After my purple obsession, now I’ve come to to the brown eyes obsession. weird right!!! These days, I’m all into natural looking makeup. So it’s just brows,liner, TM for me. Also the fact that winter made me look pale and for some reason, a dark black liner made me look like I’m  auditioning for the Addam’s family. Cost :$12.00 for 0.02 oz. UD  described it as a “rich brown” and “zealous black.” It […]

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NARS POWDER BLUSH IN DEEP THROAT I bought this blush in early November and ever since I have been reaching for it whenever I go out. Also the fact that every time I instagrammed a pic wearing it, I got asked about the blush I was wearing. Not to mention, I always get compliments wearing this :d   I’ve nicknamed it my SUNSHINE product *insert happy opera music* NARS describes it as a flirty, […]

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MAC Huggable Lipcolour Rich Marron Review & Swatches!

stly was just there to get Brown script(One os my fav eyeshadows) When the SA suggested I try these. Now I regret not hetting more. I really liked these more than a lot of the normal lipsticks. MAC always gets me 😀 These are a little more heavy than the normal MAC lippies but it doesn’t bother me. They feel gel like and stick to the lips a lot longer than your average lippie. MAC claims a 6hr stay but we all know how that goes.. I don’t think I have ever seen a lip produc

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For a long long time I stayed away from anything remotely resembling a highlighter or a shimmer bronzer. You see, For a long long time, I was absolutely terrified of putting anything with shimmer/glitter because of my crater like open pores. Also I have super oily skin which n itself becomes all shiny after a few hours. The I started blogging & experimenting & fixing things. I had my eye on MAC’s Soft n […]

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NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella review and swatches!

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

I find the word Scarlet really sexy. When I read scarlet, it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet-O-hara, basically a hot curvy lady with a flowy dress and high stilettos! a picture just forms in my mind! I also secretly wear scarlet something when I want to feel good about myself!

What : The NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella! NARS describes it as a passionate scarlet red.
Cost : $24.

My take on Cruella : After using RiRiWoo (reviewed HERE) I absolutely fell in love with scarlet reds – Although I’m mostly biased towards neutrals & n*des. I was lingering around the NARS counter during the TMS so much that the head makeup artist knew my face at the end of the weekend! So I got this one & a purple Never say never (HERE). I have not used it much because I don’t want it to get over. hehhe.
The pigmentation of these pencils in impeccabl

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