Weekend FOTD series-3!

Hey gals… hope you are having a great weekend. after 3 weeks of the deadly FLU, I’m quite chipper this weekend and really looking forward to being out. The weather is going crazy here in SFL being hot one day and all cloudy the next, you never know.  BTW, did you watch all those Oscar nominated movies? I want to binge watch them so bad… especially the wolf, frozen,12 years and the American […]

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Casual Day to night Glamour Clubbing makeup tutorial And my 2nd youtube video!

I am planning to start the year with at least one youtube video per week till my confidence is good and I talk without hesitating.. heheheh.  So this week I have teamed up with Bidisha for a collaboration party look. We kinda thought of this look on friday when we were talking about how everyone goes out clubbing or “drinks with colleagues” specially on a friday. Although the video is not really a […]

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Haule haule se hawa lagti hain… aka haul post!!!!

So as my Indian friends have guessed, I tried to sneak bollywood here. But sachi, when I first heard the song I thought about moving vehicles used to relocate (yup, rotten imagination I have!)
July is my favouritest month of the year , as it is my birthday month, closely followed by december (christmas) & october[for some reason, I like october]. I really really am good to July, although July is never good to me- never once! dumbass always makes me cry 🙁

Coming back on track…. Online shopping has made everything so convenient right!! no going out in this 90+ heat. but that doesn’t stop me from window shopping on various sites for hours & hours. Don’t lie now, you do that too…
So, coming back…. look what I bought (Imagine me screaming happily… & a little jiggy too)

Hubby & I were looking at kettles for a lo

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