NARS Single Eyeshadow Lhasa review, Swatches, EOTD!

NARS Single Eyeshadow Lhasa review

Let me introduce you to my one and only NARS eyeshadow. I wanted a neutral shade that I can just swipe on the lid & get done. I deliberately chose a very unique shade- Something I’d never seen before. Lhasa for me is like a Cocktail dress -rich & elegant.

NARS SAYS : Lhasa Single Eyeshadow
One of the highest cities in the world, Lhasa is the home to many significant Tibetan Buddhist palaces. This shimmery lavender-gray Single Eyeshadow lends lids a luminous look worthy of its spiritual namesake.
COST : $24.

My take on Lhasa : Lhasa is much more than a soft lavender gray. It feels like one of those rich, english colors that look expensive. I bought it to use as a soft wash of color on my lid because most of the times, I get no time to dress up while going out. it’s always “get ready in 10mins”. Do you gals have to deal with this?
Let me sing my praises for Lhasa tho

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An ode to Bronzes & coppers!

If you noticed, these days I’m not writing much- neither here nor on Facebook.  I’ve clicked tons of product & makeup pics but I’m not writing. for some reasons I’ve been my quietest this month and the words are just not coming to me.Not even when I talk. Does it happen to you too?? Just to keep me motivated & to keep it flowing in here, I thought I’d just present one of my […]

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Subtle drama : An EOTD for Diwali!

Hey chicas… hope you all are doing great! I remember in school, every year they made us write an essay about Diwali. Which always started with “Diwali is the festival of lights!” – LOL. This year I’m really not feeling any festivities for some reason. even though fall/winter is my favourite time of the year & I’m always excited for Halloween and Diwali. But this year I’m really not. I wish I was […]

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FOTD : A reason to break open my new Olive eyeshadow!

If you’ve been around my Instagram (HERE) & twitter (HERE) , you know that I’ve just moved to a different apartment last week and still haven’t unpacked or settled yet. But yesterday I got a chance to go to an event which was organised by BLOOMINGDALES for Breast cancer Awareness, I decided to get out of my somber mood & go mingle with some fellow bloggers. [still editing those piccys so will post […]

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SO, I’ve graduated from MAC to Chanel. LOL. Nope, actually, I had this inner desire to get anything Chanel for my birthday this year. When I went to the counter, I felt so overwhelmed. I wanted to get something special that no brand had given me so far. When I saw these luminous cream shadows, I was so impressed. They really looked very special. Even El Hubs liked them. I swatched all the shades greedyly but Epatant was the one I really found impressive.[On website, I had liked Emerville better, but it didn’t suit me much- it’s a grt color btw!]

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