FOTD : A reason to break open my new Olive eyeshadow!

If you’ve been around my Instagram (HERE) & twitter (HERE) , you know that I’ve just moved to a different apartment last week and still haven’t unpacked or settled yet. But yesterday I got a chance to go to an event which was organised by BLOOMINGDALES for Breast cancer Awareness, I decided to get out of my somber mood & go mingle with some fellow bloggers. [still editing those piccys so will post […]

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Face of the day #1.

Yupp, I’m finally starting to either record or click pics when I do my FOTDS…. That was the main intention of me starting a blog (also, testing products on different skin conditions) but I was not doing it, or when I did the pics came out crap or the lighting was bad. But I’m working on that and thus begins my FOTD series!!!

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