Why a bottle of coconut oil is great from babies to grandmas!

July 9, 2015
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July 15, 2015

Why a bottle of coconut oil is great from babies to grandmas!

Coconut oil has been in my life since I was born. I’m from India and coconut in it’s entirety is an integral aspect of our lives!  In the south of India, generations of people have cooked and bathed in coconut oil and hence we always see them with thick, shiny hair! The coconut oil – just like turmeric, yoga and Ghee- has recently been gaining a lot of attention in the states (because they read that some gorgeous model use it!) Anywho, everything you’ve heard about the ubiquitous coconut oil is very true – including the fact that it will clog your basin sink 😉

Coconut oil

Usually, Coconut oil can be categorized in a few ways : virgin, specially for cooking, fractionated etc….   Virgin and cooking oil can be ingested and used in a variety of delicacies and also for oil pulling which is very popular these days. I’ll talk about those another day and jump straight to the third one!

What is fractionated oil : It is formulated as a carrier oil which can be used alone or in tandem with other essential oils. It does not solidify or crystallize like the virgin coconut oil and heats up quickly to spread over the body. It is widely used for massages.

So why can’t we just use one oil for everything???  you see, everything has it’s purpose. Even when you use the cooking olive oil on your body, you might feel that it is heavy and clogs pores. Similarly, with coconut oil, you want something that is emollient enough that it spreads easily and gets absorbed by the skin. not coagulate it!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

I had heard a lot about the goPure range of oils that sold good quality fractionated oils and ordered them from Amazon



  • To make massage oils
  • To make skincare like moisture cakes, lip balms, etc
  • To keep your feet from cracking
  • As a great cuticle oil
  • As a pre-conditioner for hair
  • I use it all the time to shave my legs
  • Can be mixed with granulated salt or sugar to make natural body scrub.
  • Is an excellent makeup remover – removes even the toughest mascara without ruining the lashes
  • Can be used on babies to massage them without worrying about checmicals.
  • MAkes a wonderful protectant for the skin in extreme cold temperatures!

Coconut oil

These are just some uses on the top of my head. My grandfather never used any store bought skin stuff- all he used was coconut oil and till the day he expired, he had great skin and hair!


The only CON I’d say is that if you use it in the sink or the bath tub, it will make it slippery and overtime clog the drain, so be very careful or just spray some scrubbing foam or something.

Coconut oil

Talking about this is like going back to my roots. It feels like I have come full circle with this oil!  Do let me know if you have used Coconut oil and what your experience is.  What is the one thing that you do that reminds you of childhood?


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  • Sahily Mua Perez

    You are lucky to have known about this wonderful oil since you were a young girl. I’ve recently discovered it and I love to use coconut oil too. It’s a wonderful deep conditioner and excellent for repairing damaged and brittle hair.

  • Lucy Valdez

    I love coconut oil! It’s great for literally everything! I love it on my hair and my skin, and I also love cooking with it! I recently heard that it is good for eyelashes and getting them to grow…will have to try that next:)

  • dawn

    Love coconut oil! I actually like anything ccocnut. lol the love the smell and taste of it also. nice post bee.