Interesting news!!! -part 1

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June 30, 2011
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July 8, 2011

Interesting news!!! -part 1

Hey peeps, while watching the news along with the serious stuff like the Casey Anderson murder trial and stuff we came across certain other news which were funny, interesting or sometimes plain stupid…. lolll

like this one: this is the headlines and the butt of the joke on all news challenge

lol- new way of transportation…. heheheh  I was suggesting this trick to my hubby- we might save airline cost the next time we try this…  buhhahhahahahaha

And this is another news video which never fails to crack me up…..


Hope you found them funny too… Do share your fav news items which crack you up!!
until later,

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Hey Pallies, M bee- just ur neighborhood gal with an eye for style, beauty and how to enhance the best that uve got :) A student of life - m trying to learn new things with each day- whether its beauty, life, cooking, cleaning stuff the easier way.... or simply chilling out yelling in my balcony without a care in the world.. hehehe
  • Natalie

    haha! HIlarious!! Wow, in a suit case?? LOL

    I just wanted to let you know that I hosted another giveaway on my website!
    Check it out when you have time.
    Have a great day.

    • beena

      Entered :D thanks for letting me know Natalie :)

  • Rima Kaur

    the suitcase thing is hilarious but the second video is a spoof. but that doesn’t make it any less funny. :D

  • Marina

    LOL…these two are too hilarious!!! jajajaja…thanks for sharing doll.

    <3 Marina

    • beena

      thanks Marina & Rima :)
      @Rima- yeah the last one is old but nevertheless funny!!

  • Shasie

    Haha, omgoodness! Too funny!

    Live Life in Style

  • hemant

    Both d videos are amusing….

    • beena

      lol Shasie and HEmant!!!

  • Joey

    Hahahaha it’s funny because my friends and I joke about hiding in a suitcase all the time. I’ve also asked my boyfriend to hide me in his luggage so I can go back with him during the holidays hahaha

    • beena

      me too… hehhehe
      I always joke that the airline tickets have gone so high that I should hide in a big bag… LOL

  • Rati

    hiya! :)

    • beena

      hey Rati dooo

  • jomol

    Bee…..ROTFL……the first one is a good idea, take me like that when you return back to the US after coming here….and second one ……ha ha ha :)

  • beena

    hahahahahaha JOMOLayyyyyy good idea ;)
    but where will I find such a big suitcase…. LOL

  • Preiti

    Hahahahaha! SUBTITLES! :P