Black-Gray Smokey eye Version2.

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March 28, 2011
April 22, 2011

Black-Gray Smokey eye Version2.

Heyy Ladies!!!  Hope you all are grt and yayyy its friday 2moro… My fav day of the week!!! but this weekend is going to be super busy for us as we are apartment hunting and have a  few appointments lined up for those… so Im planning to do all the Masti tomorrow.. hehehe
I know the summers are here in full force. next week its supposed to go 90 degrees F :( but suddenly yesterday the skies decided to rain cats and dogs… I didnt miss a chance to click a pic becoz honestly looking at this I was a little scared :)
And since anything and everything can be Inspiring- I thought I should try dark smokey eyes especially black-gray as one of my blogger friends KOMAL has her party and would like to try it… So this post decicated to you sweety :)
btw- please ignore my freaky eyebrows… Didnt realize they look so bad.. hehehe
I did 2 versions of this look: the 1st version you can find here:
The colors from the palette that Ive applied are:
So lets get started :D
Step1: Apply white eye pencil on the inner half and black eye pencil on the outer half of your lids.
Step 2: Smudge it with your finger or a brush.
Step 3: Apply a black eyeshadow over it. It can be shimmery or matte black.(Shade 1 from the kit)  btw- in this look there can be a lot of fall-outs so you can either do the rest of your face after the eyes or apply a layer of face powder and then wipe off at the end.
did you notice the inner corner is looking Gray-ish and shiny? and the outer corner dark! just pat the color with a flat shader brush.
Step 4: Now take a soft brown colour (2 shades darker than your skin tone) – shade 3 from the kit. and just apply all over the crease in widshield wiper motion. since we have applied dark lid color we dont want dark shades on the crease.
Step 5: Apply a light highlighting shade (number 4 from the kit) to the brow-bone. Occassionally you can also bring it all the way to the inner corner of the eye.
Step 6: And After Lash’n’Line here’s the final look:
With this a nice peachy blush or a light bronzer would go very well.
As for the lips: Any nude lipstick with a nice peachy undertone would go very well.
So I applied:
NYX  jumbo lip pencil in Fuschia and topped it off with Smashbox lip gloss in glamour which is a grt nude gloss.
Additional lashes would look great here but since you’ll be doing all masti its better you dont ;) even Im so freaked out by them, but its high-time I should try them out!
Hope you like the look!!!  Do let me know if any of you tried the look and share pics..  Your feedback is deeply appreciated!

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Hey Pallies, M bee- just ur neighborhood gal with an eye for style, beauty and how to enhance the best that uve got :) A student of life - m trying to learn new things with each day- whether its beauty, life, cooking, cleaning stuff the easier way.... or simply chilling out yelling in my balcony without a care in the world.. hehehe
  • anks

    i like the eyes Beena, but more than that,…. your lip color…. it is soooo good!

  • nidhi

    Hi bee..nice lipcolor and eye look also

  • Cynthia Z

    Gorgeous! Love yr lippie too B


    • beena

      Thanks soo much gals!!!

  • Neha S.

    sexxxyyy…. !!!!
    but lipcolour is fuschia..? doesnt look! maybe the smashbox gloss is high coverage? wow! which is tht white pencil?

    • beena

      Thanks Neha :)
      I’ll do a seperate post on the lip pencils :)

  • zeeba

    beautiful bee!! :

    loved the lip color… :)

    • beena

      Thanks Zeeba :D

  • bhumika

    very pretty..loved d lip combo too…

  • Farha

    Beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuullll bee….mera bhi kabhi eye makeup kardo…plzzzzzzzzzzz…lol…

  • komal

    yay thanku bee :D

    • beena

      Thankoo bhumika :)

      @Komal- Do let me know how it turned out ! and enjoy ur function!!

  • D

    Hey B!

    I just read your comment on Sanjeev’s post on IMBB and wanted to give you a *hug*
    My interaction with you has been pretty limited, but you’ve always been such a sweetheart that it’s hard to imagine someone would say such horrible (read: dumbass) things to you!
    But it’s good to see you’re doing great and enjoying life to the fullest :))
    Hope you’re liking living here, it’s the most accepting place in the world and the only thing you have to do it be nice to everyone else :))
    Take care!

    • beena

      Thank you soo much D..
      yeah sometimes people are mean but that should not stop ur from making friends right?? :D
      I love what IMBB has given me :) and I really like that I get to meet fabulous people like yourself… *huggssss*

  • glamorous barbie

    ohhh i LOVE ur lip color ?

  • beena

    thnks Barbie :)

  • Rashmi Nair

    looooooooooved the lip colou and the eyeshadow pallete is just amazing…. I like subtle colors.. :)

    • beena

      Hey Rashmi- thnks a lot :)
      even I like subtle colors usually- only sometimes I go a bit wild ;)

  • bidisha

    hey wow….
    this is superb !!!!

  • varshini

    bee…lovely EOTD…loved your lippy even more :)

    • beena

      Thanks Bidisha and varshini :d

  • Eesha

    Hi Bee … I found your blog while randomly surfing. Loved the blog and the classing black smokey eye :) I wish I also could pull off grey/ black smokey eye sometime!!

    • beena

      Thanks a lot EEsha :) trust me it took me some practice before I could handle this :)
      but in any smokey eye I believe blending is the key… smokey eye can also be acheived with lighter shades like pinks and lemons :)
      Do try and let me know :)

  • Mitr Friend Bhushavali

    Love your smoky eyed look.
    Btw, which eye shadow palette is this.?
    Do visit my blog and I wish you’ll follow too… :)
    Fashion Panache

  • Mitr Friend Bhushavali

    Love your smoky eyed look.
    Btw, which eye shadow palette is this.?
    Do visit my blog and I wish you’ll follow too…
    Fashion Panache

    • beena

      Thanks gal :)
      this is a LE palette from ulta… you can check it out at
      Im going to review it soon :)

  • Parita Shah

    ooh quite intense! gorgeous! where is the fotd?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks babes :) next time sure :)