Gals I’m very sad. A few days ago my favorite top got entangled in my dryer. I wasn’t able to remove it so asked hubby to help.. He pulled it out with his might and the inevitable happened….. It ripped off *insert boo-hoos here* It was one of my favs- top list ones and I had great memories with it!!

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Latest Nail trend: Shatter Nail Polishes!

Heyy lovelies!!  how was ur week? and its finally friday ,…  yippeeeeeeee!!!! friday is my fav day and sunday evenings I dont like 🙁 they make me sad sad :(( Last weekend was fun and this weekend is going to be busy busy for me :(( but do tell me what fun you all had!!! Anywho, I know I’m late to post about this trend but its in my mind since last month now so […]

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Hey Gals… what are the plans for the weekend? Who all are going clubbing???  and Who all are planning to see Rio???  I saw it last weekend anD it was soooooo cute!!!  loved all the characters especially Linda and Bloo’s chemistry 🙂   Its bIeen a long time I saw a bollywood masala flick.  Grrrrrrrrrr  to the movie halls here!!! My last one was Tanu weds Manu which was a riot…  and a fun […]

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