An ode to Bronzes & coppers!

If you noticed, these days I’m not writing much- neither here nor on Facebook.  I’ve clicked tons of product & makeup pics but I’m not writing. for some reasons I’ve been my quietest this month and the words are just not coming to me.Not even when I talk. Does it happen to you too??
Just to keep me motivated & to keep it flowing in here, I thought I’d just present one of my favorite eye-do. And not talk much just show you gals the general steps…
I figured since festive season is not quite over yet,someone might like to try something like this! what do you think??? let me know in the comments below!
happy friday lovelies!
USED Maybelline's BAD TO THE BRONZE as base
USED Maybelline’s BAD TO THE BRONZE as base
IMG_9775 IMG_9776 IMG_9777 IMG_9778 IMG_9780 IMG_9779 IMG_9787



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  1. where should i begin!!! loved the eye look and your skin looks absolutely flawless yaar! skin care regime pls!!! totally loved the combo of gold and bronze..stunning!

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