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Month: September 2013

ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel review.

My brows were my most neglected aspect of grooming or getting dressed. I started threading really late, and I discovered brow products even later. In India, the only brow product used from generations was the Lakme brow pencil. I guess it was probably given to mom by her mom in dowry or something. My mom tried to do that but it comes in only black so I passed. Until recently, All I ever used were those 99cents Wet n Wild brown pencils And once in a while go to a torture house Parlor for threading appointments [Bi*ch made me cry on my birthday]

Bourjois Multi Shimmer Eye Loose Powder #03 Rose Or Review, Swatches!

I’m not really comfortable with pigments although I’ve started incorporating them in my looks these days [like my last post- HERE]. I kept this in my stash for almost a year now and it’s just recently that I started using it! I first saw it on my friend Neha when we met in Mumbai. and as the day passed, it just kept looking better and better. Of course I had to buy it then. LOL


SO, I’ve graduated from MAC to Chanel. LOL. Nope, actually, I had this inner desire to get anything Chanel for my birthday this year. When I went to the counter, I felt so overwhelmed. I wanted to get something special that no brand had given me so far. When I saw these luminous cream shadows, I was so impressed. They really looked very special. Even El Hubs liked them. I swatched all the shades greedyly but Epatant was the one I really found impressive.[On website, I had liked Emerville better, but it didn’t suit me much- it’s a grt color btw!]

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