MAC ORB review & a great eye look for working ladies!

MAC ORB eyeshadow review
MAC ORB eyeshadow review

Hey gals..  check out my most fav eyeshadow from MAC. I bought it last year on my bday and have been wearing it almost every time I do my eyes. I absolutely love it & honestly, it looks blahhh in the pan but who-ever has it talks only nice things about it! True story!!!

And I shattered it a bit yesterday. now I feel so bad!

MAC says :Orb: Satin / Soft peachy-beige

Cost : $15 +tax

MAC ORB eyeshadow review
MAC ORB eyeshadow review
MAC ORB eyeshadow review
MAC ORB eyeshadow review
MAC ORB review
MAC ORB review

My experience with Orb : It is the most buttery shadow ever… and it has a lovely soft off-whitish pinkish look. It blends and applies like an absolute dream. I mostly use it as a base wash for vibrant looks & sometimes just a wash 🙂 It is also great for blending out more colourful eyeshadows applied in the crease. Not to mention would look fab as a highlight shade.It’s pigmentation is top-notch with ZERO chalkiness. no fallouts either.  Orb and Soft brown are my most faves of shadows ever. LOVE them!!!

It really goes well with bronzes, coppers, plums/purples, and other warm neutrals. It doesn’t really go very well with blues & greens.


An EOTD for working women in under 5 minutes :

Most of the women I know have jobs that warrant a nice crisp look. Some of my friends have been mentioning that they are not able to do most looks on my blog because they want something neutral & sophisticated for work. so I decided on this one.

An EOTD for working women in under 5 minutes
An EOTD for working women in under 5 minutes
An EOTD for working women in under 5 minutes
An EOTD for working women in under 5 minutes

1) Conceal your eyes & prime them.

2) apply ORB (Or any other beige/ soft one shade brighter than your skin) all over your eyelid. I mean all over. from the lid to the brows.

3) take a soft black/grey/dark brown shadow and apply from outer end to the mid of the lid – very close to the lashline.  upper & lower.

4) tightline your eyes & apply a brown mascara [optional]

DONE!!! easy peasy bright eyes for work!!!

I wanted to do a snippet on instagram doing everything mentioned above. but the stupid insta cam kept hanging on me. grrrr

[The 1st image taken from Google. If it’s yours… let me know!]
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  1. Lovely color! I always overlooked it because I thought it was too pale :O

    If you want to repair the eyeshadow, just add some rubbing alcohol/ethanol to it (available at pharmacies) then make it into a paste, press into the pan, and let it dry overnight. It will set like normal 🙂

    1. me too 🙂 but I tried it once & I was sold… even ARENA comes a second close. I might get that too… arre 1 shadow ke liye kidhar itna bada rubbing alcohol laau :((

      1. True… lekhin me rubbing alcohol bahut use karegi… when I was my brushes i also like to sanitize them…so always have a bottle at home… its also good for cleaning wounds and all…multipurpose it is :))

        1. ohh haan kya??? actually, I’m moving soon so main sab bottles khatam kar rahi hoon. new bottlkes in new flat. hahahah
          but i’ll surely get the rubbing alcohol now. besides, I get cut or bruised every other day. thanks so much for the idea babes!!!

      1. I generally use Grounwork paint pot on the eyes and line my eyes either with a gel liner or kohl..sometimes smudge it out..these days enjoying inglot 390 matte..its very similar to mac orb now that I think about it 🙂

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