Emerald Isle! or double eyeliner eye look!

Hey ladies, happy friday!!!  my lower body have been aching  a few days now and for some reason I’m not able to find the reason. The pain starts from the ankles to the hips in spasms & it is more when I sit. I’m fine when I walk or stand. so from the past few days , if I’m not standing, I’m walking… lol. Hope it gets better soon . [FYI, I ahte taking any kind of medicines so took only 1 advil when it got unbearable]
today, just to be in the friday mood, I came up with a few looks on different parts of my face. If you’re on my instagram you’ll know what I’m talking abt (btw- it’s HERE)
I thought I’d do  the double liner coz one does’nt always want to wear eyeshadows but still look glam & different. you can do this in minimum time and still stand out. any kind of liners or loose pigments can be used for this!


step by step tute for this liner is HERE!

IMG_8219 IMG_8222

I also tried it with MAC’s lemon gold pigment but didn’t really like the results. what do you think?

IMG_8227 IMG_8231


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