I should’ve done it before…….

Have you ever done something and felt like you should’ve done it long time back???  these days I feel that a lot….   July is a very special month for me since it’s my birth month but July has always been unlucky for me. but that’s for another day!

Today I want to discuss something which I was contemplating a long time back but didn’t have guts to do… MAking videos!   If I tell you that I made one for my last birthday and deleted it because I chickened out what would you tell me?  yup!

I’m saying all this now because I’ve finally taken that step & started doing those…..  today I was getting ready quickly and decided to  do a 15 second thing…..   watch and and let me know what do you think 😉

Btw- Angelina Jolie wears this kinda tiny wing a lot in her movies 😉

Also,  I’ve being very very  attentive to my eyebrows lately. Coz I’ve noticed once my brows were in place, I don’t have to do anything much!   Thats so much to the Anastasia team for teaching me brow basics & how to handle boo-boos.  That was basically my first time where I edited a video and felt so good about it…..


So tell me….. should I continue with this or should I just stick to my writing???

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Hello, I'M beeNii- Techie by day, beauty enthusiast by night! just ur neighborhood gal with an eye for style, beauty and how to enhance the best that u've got :) A student of life - I'm trying to learn new things with each day- whether its beauty, life, tech, cooking, cleaning stuff the easier way.... or simply chilling out.


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