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Month: June 2012

What Is and Isn’t Beautiful?

Everybody wants to be beautiful to some extent. Sure, not all of us aspire to be super model beautiful – at least from the era where they were actually beautiful and didn’t look like crack addicts – but nobody wants to be totally ugly either. However, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so does that mean beauty is only subjective? On the same hand, they say that someone has a face that only a mother could love or that someone fell down the tree of ugliness and hit every branch on the way down. Could it be, perhaps that we don’t agree on what is beautiful but we do agree on what is ugly? It’s not quite that either. As it turns out, beauty is defined by three main things: symmetry, fashion and flaws. Let’s have a closer look.

What’s in my bag Featuring Janhvi Pradhan-Deshmukh.

Happy Monday girls.. yeah, Monday’s are never happy 🙁 So to get the boredom off let me bring you another post of  “what’s in my bag” . Today’s bag belongs to Janhvi Pradhan-Deshmukh who isn’t just insanely beautiful but also a Lawyer (talk abt beauty, brains and insanity together… phew!!!)  So let’s take a peek in …

What’s in my bag Featuring Janhvi Pradhan-Deshmukh. Read More »

My weekend in pictures!

[Warning: Pic heavy post… real heavy!] Hey girls how was  the weekend going? mine was all crappy. and blahhhh. I absolutely dread the the cramps coz when they come, they wreak HAVOC… and I mean- crappy havoc. Thanks for ruining my weekend chums… grrrrr. Btw- who saw Madagascar 3??? I absolutely CANNOT stop humming “Afro circus…. …

My weekend in pictures! Read More »

Make-up for relative/ friend’s wedding! (Indian) – Part 2.

Hey gals, hope you all are having a great week.  After Part 1 of the wedding series, I did  a part 2 based on this saree. Hope you all like it 🙂 Step 1:  After priming, take a rusty brown eyeshadow and Apply it all over the lids as a sheer wash. [I’m using MAC …

Make-up for relative/ friend’s wedding! (Indian) – Part 2. Read More »

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