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Month: January 2012

Mally Ultimate Performance Long-Wear Inner GlowBlush

Mally Ultimate Performance Long-Wear Inner GlowBlush is a system that prevents your blush from fading. This two phase system starts out with a rich cream blush and a subtle activating powder that mutes the intensity of the blush and gives it a soft, glow from within finish while keeping blush wearing long and strong.

Lime n lemony eyes :)

Hey pretty girls… these days I look at my 120 palette and I just feel like playing with colors.. and before I used to keep looking at them and get all confused… what goes with what? what will counter what else? and how do I keep hem from getting muddy 30mins after I apply them…. so after lots of trials and help from ppl I’m finally getting the hang of it… so I decided to foray more into colored EOTDs… you’ll be seeing a lot more experiments here now.. heheheh

Giveaway: Lashem double trouble mascara and measurable difference Lash gel.

Hey chicas… hope you are having a good week… here the temperature has suddenly dropped and even though its good and cuddly and makes me wanna eat a lot.. hehehe
I want to thank you guys again for a great response on my last giveaway… so this giveaway is like a thanks to everyone who entered 🙂
you will win…

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