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Month: September 2011

Review: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

The Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool comes in a cute box with the main device and 3 brush heads – which is a great thing- The soft, medium and firm- for different skin types. I’d suggest to use the soft one a few times so that the skin gets used to the scrubbing factor before graduating to the other stronger brushes.The rotating brush head has two speeds so all you have to do is glide it gently over your skin.

Mac Select Cover-up Concealer Review, Swatch, Photo

Anywho, coming back to the review, I have an on and off affair with dark under eye circles which by now everyone knows. hehehe [please dont take me to that horrid Jerry Springer show]
The most helpful cure for this is to sleep 7-8 hours daily and be stress free and all but since that’s not possible we search the artificial cures like under eye cream, concealers etc…

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