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Month: August 2011

Fall 2011 trends -Part 1: Sequinned Sweatshirts!

Well, If you’ve been going through your monthly dose of mags/ET you’ll find that the stars and other celebs are running errands in their sweatshirts – and not just any grungy sweats, they are all dressy and sequinned. I first saw a couple of pics and didn’t think much… but by the time I devoured the whole mag I realized this one is here to stay….

Mattify! cosmetics Sparkling eyeshadows Reviews, Swatches and EOTDs

most of the pressed shadows that we normally get are not so pigmented or rely heavily on the eyeshadow base to stick to the eye so as to not crease or stay on for a fairly long time. The makers at Mattify! have modified this and made shadow pigments which are smooth, long lasting and also multipurpose.

The things we know- and never do :(

Heyy sweeties, how’s the week going for you guys? Sorry for being MIA again. the heat and irregular sleep timings are really playing a havoc on me and hubby lately :(( *I badly need some spanking* BTW- everyone waiting for the fall season to come soon say AYE!!! Yeahh- I know summer is all fun and games but the heat :(( I find winters more forgiving… not the snow though…. shit- I ramble so much…. hehehe

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