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Announcing the Winner of LaVaque giveaway :)

Hey cuties 🙂  I’m so sorry for this delay but I got a little carried away with  the weekend and the shopping and stuff 😉 😉 hehheeh

Finally announcing the results of the LaVaque giveaway… I received 54 entries in all and  it was grt considering it was my first giveaway. Even though I tried to invite some of my friends and relatives but maybe they think that since I dont work in a software industry anymore, I’m wasting my time with this… well, good for them 😉

Anywho, I received 54 entries and With I generated the winner number:

The resultant number was 44 and the winner is  *drrrumrolllsss*

Shalanda “Shasie” from She is a gorgeous fashionista!!!!  Do check her out!~

Shasie will be receiving a LaVaque tweezer , a crystal Nail file and a special something from me 😉  hope you like it shasie —


Anyway, hope you enjoyed entering my giveaway- I enjoyed it a  lot too!!!!!

Also, I’m announcing one today evening as well and maybe another one in the pipeline 😉  so, see you later gals and keep reading 😉

much love….

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