Tip of the season – oily skin!

YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE: Product overload! Stop overdrying your skin with alcohol-infused toners, peels, and exfoliators. While you may think you’re clearing up breakouts, you’re actually stripping away naturally occurring oils, causing even more sebum production. When selecting products, choose alcohol-free serum- and gel-based formulas, and avoid anything with occlusive ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil, which can clog pores. And if you’re using prescription acne meds, It is recomended alternating them every other night with an oil-free moisturizer to avoid dehydrating your skin.

I found this out since Im pouring oil from my body and breaking out in the process 🙁 So I thought I needed a strong toner or astringent – but turns out I need a lighter one!!!

Im thinking The Body Shop  might help! Any recos????

BTW- One more: A vibrant shade of lipstick or gloss will make your skin look fresh — and maybe even brighten your mood.  it does to me 😉

[PS: image googled!]

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