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Ten day you challenge–post 1. Ten secrets.

I’ve taken up this challenge with one of my favourite bloggers Preeti Shenoy. She is a very beautiful writer with beautiful writing style – not make-up related though.  You can find her here:


1) I absolutely detest the extra practical people who promise to be your best friends and then go ahead and royally ditch you.

2)  I read a newspaper back to front – Specially times of India- I read the 1st page and then start from back. Also I need the whole paper. I cant share the paper when I’m reading – thats a very very old habit.

3) I dont like it when people say “Arre waah! aish kar rahi hain waha pe!!!”  everybody has their own struggles- right??? 🙂

4) I realize and feel  the term “unconditional love” every day since 4th July 2010.

5) Sometimes I think of old things and cry- rather- wail my eyes out!! (just did that! no reason!)

6) I love getting dolled up even though half the time I have no where to go and I’m doing ghar kaa kaam all made up.. lolll (thats how I realised I should blog about it!! If its going to get wasted let me waste it with style ;))

7) I miss the days when I was working! being a housewife is much tough (my salute to all housewifes :D)

8) I’m  sometimes happy for no reason and also get sad for no reason!! (with or without PMS)

9) I miss my friends – A LOT – they know who they are!

10)  I’m damn lazy- OK- that’s no secret 😉

Next post – nine loves 2moro!!!

I’m inviting  all the readers of this blog to take up this challenge- lets see how far we go!!!

much Love!!!

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