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How Groupon coupons fixed my gifting crisis!

May 3, 2016
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Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Groupon. Hey my gorgeous peeps….. I know, long time- no see! I swear I think every day to come home and write something but I get so exhausted and it goes at the back of the to-do list! I also picked up some new makeup just to get motivated – lol! Although today I want to talk about Groupon coupons…  This website has solved my major crisis – “gifts”.  I used to be forever in a dilemma- what to gift, specially when I don’t know the recipient that well or when I don’t want …

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Painting the world Purple!!!! LOTD, FOTD and EOTD!

August 8, 2011
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Hey my girlie gals…. How was ur weekend??? Mine was great.. actually it was a mixed bag! Ok tell me one thing… has it ever happened to you that one day you are feeling down in dumps and the next day you do something and strangers complement you and you feel like it is the biggest boost on your confidence? well it happened to me this weekend 😉 So I’m going to cherish the memories of this one 😀

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Top 10 Yoga Exercises And Videos to Prevent Lower Backache

January 20, 2011
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This all started last saturday when after a very questionable massage my back started hurting like hell and continues till this day and because of that I had to miss a hell lot of exciting things this week- right from Zumba lessons to shopping :((   My hubby and I spent a lot of time trying to find the cause: I kept lying down, moved my sleeping position, took tylenol – but nuthing worked. so I thot Id look up on the net to avoid this in future and also strenthen my back to prepare it for the PMS attacks. …

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New Year, New Beginnings!!!

January 12, 2011
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Helloo everyone….. So what did u do on new Years eve???  and what are ur resolutions??? Oh well, Id like to refer them and Goals and not resolutions coz I have a record of always breaking them in the first week itself :((.The fortnight from 25th Dec to 31st dec was really hectic for me.  We were travelling and packing and moving our furniture and stuff and all this in snow :((  Funny though coz I wanted to see the snow so bad all these years and wen I actually experienced it – well, It was baaaaaaaaaddddddddd. hehehehethese are the …

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