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How Groupon coupons fixed my gifting crisis!

May 3, 2016
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Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Groupon. Hey my gorgeous peeps….. I know, long time- no see! I swear I think every day to come home and write something but I get so exhausted and it goes at the back of the to-do list! I also picked up some new makeup just to get motivated – lol! Although today I want to talk about Groupon coupons…  This website has solved my major crisis – “gifts”.  I used to be forever in a dilemma- what to gift, specially when I don’t know the recipient that well or when I don’t want …

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Just for laughs!!!!

August 1, 2011
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So the weekend went in running errands and doing some other work and not enjoying.. grrrrrrrrrrr… I so want to dress up and wear my new shoes and go freak out someplace… I need to find some blogger friends in miami!!!! BTW- I happened to find this video in one of my blogger friend‘s post and I was laughing soooo bad that it hurt and my eyes were all watery,…  I just HAD to HAD TO share it here… I know I’m risking this big time as now my followers will think I’m all nuts…     Please do not …

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