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How Groupon coupons fixed my gifting crisis!

Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Groupon. Hey my gorgeous peeps….. I know, long time- no see! I swear I think every day to come home and write something but I get so exhausted and it goes at the back of the to-do list! I also picked up some new makeup just to get motivated – lol! Although today I want to talk about Groupon coupons…  This website has solved my major crisis – “gifts”.  I used to be forever in a dilemma- what to gift, specially when I don’t know the recipient that well or when I don’t want …

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My favorite brushes from the Sigma beauty copper collection!

Sigma brushes copper collection

Hey ladies… Christmas is next week and I’m so excited!!! Although I’m still sitting in my AC room and writing this, while it is 87degrees outside!  But let’s ignore that for one week- florida!!!! It’s Christmas time and I’ve got some really exciting products to analyze and share with you all. I’m going to begin with a brand that really started it all!!! Sigma Beauty : I started my blog in January 2011 and I have been associated with Sigma since then. It really is a company that started it all. As far as I remember, Sigma was the first …

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Halloween Wildcat look!

Wet n Wild MegaShield Lip Color Lolly Popstar

Yesterday evening I was pretty bored and after dinner (at around 11pm) something just snapped and I thought of doing this look…. and my hubby was totally bonkers as he saw me suddenly going in my make up corner and whipping out things and starting to paint my face…. LOL Giving you a detailed breakdown of the look- hope you all like it!

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