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My nieces love me thanks to Groupon!

August 19, 2016
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[This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are personal. #AD #SPON]

Hey girls…

I know it’s been too long but the travel and the work caught up so hard that this part of my life was neglected. I feel really bad I’m not able to give my blog much time, although that hasn’t stopped me from buying more makeup :P:P


Anywho… Kids and tweens these days aren’t like our generation.  I don’t have kids of my own yet but I love to be that cool aunt who they tell their musings to.  But getting gifts for them is a whole different story. The toys are forgotten soon enough and the dresses become “last season” thanks to the pop culture (don’t even get me started on Dora or Frozen).  But thanks to Groupon, I have found a new way of bonding with them.

1) Take them for Activity Classes :  This by far is my favorite gift to anyone.  Activities like music, painting, sports etc give them a chance to mingle with other kids and learn some sportsmanship. Also the fun factor multiplies. I’m a huge believer of experiences being greater than things and I’d recommend this for everyone.

2) Mommy-and-me manicures : For working mommies, this is a great way to bond with their daughters. From color picking to teaching them the importance of grooming, this can be a great way to instill the idea of  cleanliness. Also, kids feel special when mommy wears their favourite color