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How Groupon coupons fixed my gifting crisis!

May 3, 2016
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Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Groupon.

groupon coupons

Hey my gorgeous peeps….. I know, long time- no see! I swear I think every day to come home and write something but I get so exhausted and it goes at the back of the to-do list! I also picked up some new makeup just to get motivated – lol!

Although today I want to talk about Groupon coupons…  This website has solved my major crisis – “gifts”.  I used to be forever in a dilemma- what to gift, specially when I don’t know the recipient that well or when I don’t want to give something generic. Tell me that happens to you too!!!  

groupon coupons

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you know that I’ve almost re-located to California, Bay area to be precise.  When I came here, Everything seemed extra expensive because of tax difference and other things. Also, between my internship and the bus commute, I had zero time or energy to go and research about Salons, spas or exercise classes.  The great thing is, I can see ratings and reviews on each listing so I get a general idea what to expect.  

groupon coupons

Recently, Groupon came out with their coupon service and won everyone’s heart.  Without hunting for the papers or stores, I can get deals from a bunch of cool stores like Nordstrom , last call (Neiman Marcus), Kohl’s and even Canon or Advance Auto Parts. Well, we love shopping – might as well shop smart!!!

So tell me…. Which coupons would you be using this month. also, I’m looking for some good hobby classes for my 6 year old niece- what would you recommend?

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