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Building your immunity when season’s change!!!!

February 26, 2016

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Hi guys hope you’re having a great time I know I’ve been away for long… As you know I’m in California for work alone and I thought that I would be able to manage the work and blogging experience together and I’d find more time to blog but sadly that is not happening and for a couple of weeks that was stressing me out. finding a balance between something I love and something I have to do it was kind of getting difficult for me and whether there are internal or external factors to stress we always have the option to not feel like crap at the end of the day.

I have been struggling with stuff for a few years now and in 2016 I’m making a lot of things right!


The major thing I’ve noticed is that I get sick every time the season’s change. That is the case with a lot of people and children. And since I’m facing California winters, getting from heaters to cold outside creates a havoc for my system. But being sick cannot be in my agenda right now. And neither can be in yours.  Popping pills and antibiotics can only do so much!!

So here are some of the ways I try to build my immunity and strength from within…. because life cannot wait!!!!

  1. Don’t skip your workouts : Yes, the job is hard. Yes, the husband needs you and yes, the kids make a mess. Whatever happens…. do not miss working out. Whether it’s a walk or a small jog or Yoga or even a small trek in the woods. Don’t ever miss. I learnt it the hard way.  Your mind will be clear of clutter and this is my guarantee…. you’ll have a different kind of confidence. Also, it is the best cure for depression and anxiety (tried and tested by your’s truly!)
  2. Get your beauty sleep : It’s Tyra banks’ favourite mantra. I know in this stress-filled life it’s very difficult. but do try to sleep at least 6hours in peace. The best timings according to Ayurveda are 10pm to 4am. but we all know that’s never happening