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Coming up ….

I’m so feverish that no words come to me ….. these 2 reviews are badly pending. Hope I write soon 😉

1) NARS Galapagos : If there was an eyeshadow that makes you want to go all nasty…. Galapagos would be the one for me! yup!



2) All of this stuff I put up in my recent haul :



3) Fresh sugar rose lip balm : IMG_1147

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Hey Pallies, M bee- just ur neighborhood gal with an eye for style, beauty and how to enhance the best that uve got :) A student of life - m trying to learn new things with each day- whether its beauty, life, cooking, cleaning stuff the easier way.... or simply chilling out yelling in my balcony without a care in the world.. hehehe

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  • Lisha@HeartBowsMakeup

    I love the NARS eyeshadow. its such an intense brown. hope u feel better soon Bee :*

    • Bnii

      I love it too! thanks babe! getting there :)