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What’s in my bag
What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag Featuring – Renji Anooj.

Hey my pretty ladies… hope you all are having a great weekend..
This has been intriguing me since a very very long time. Every time I see some pretty lady I think, what might be in her bag??? and now with so many pretty ladies around me.. I thought lets snoop around a bit.. hehehe

So today we have the beautiful RENJI ANOOJ who will let us sneak into her bag!

What’s in my bag
What’s in my bag

So here’s what she says:
“These are the things that I keep in my everyday bag… The color of  lipstick and the lipgloss and the bag itself keeps on changing depending on my mood :))
The face wash, kajal and lipbalm is kept in my cubicle itself….Normally while going to office; I keep my makeup very minimal..so only tinted moisturiser(UD) as well as Mascara and a kajal is enough for me along with lipstick and gloss…:) I wash my face 2-3 times throughout the day when I feel tired..
After drying my face, sometimes I mix some baby powder and a li’l blush and apply all over my face.. it gives a healthy glow and a nice fragrance which makes my mood really happy…
thats it:) :)

What’s in my bag
What’s in my bag

Thanks a ton Renji :)  Hope you all like this feature. I invite all you people to share with us what’s in your bag :) we sure love to sneak 😉

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  • http://twitter.com/MeganFrugalista Megan Zietz

    I’m in bag and goodies envy!

    • Bnii

      me too :) hehehe thanks MEgan , I invite you to share what’s in ur bag too :)

  • Renjibala

    :)awww…..so cute..thnx bee…loved the collage

    • Bnii

      hugggs 😀

  • Zara

    Lovely post! infact i agree to light makeup at work…especially since we wash r face so often….

    • Bnii

      me too… when I was working, I used to keep my face slick at work. no mess :)

  • bidisha

    wow..i like renji’s bag :)

    • Bnii

      me too :) your post is coming up this saturday 😀

    • Renjibala

      Thnx dear:)) Its not so expensive….I bought from Ebay from a seller named xxxxxstore; shipping was also free :) reached in 8 working days

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  • Nisha Khan

    wow…thats really impressive renji

    • Renjibala

      thnx dear