Hair like a Disney princess with Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling Wand!

Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling Wand review

Hey guys…. I’ve been off lately because of serious lack of creativity most of which was because I was feeling blahhh!!!   Thank Madeline,  this came at the right time and I’ve been playing with this baby all month!  If you know me, I’m totally low maintenance. Although I have this deep rooted fantasy that If I’m super rich I’ll have a hair guy at my beck and call all day! I’ll have him do elaborate disney princess styles on me and nourish my pretty hair!!!   Until then , I take all kinds of short cuts to make my hair look …

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What is your Best Acne Treatment Approach?


Hey guys… if you know me personally or have been around here a bit, you’d know I suffer from periodic acne. It started in my teens and everyone kept telling me that it will go away when I grow up (big lie!) or some even said it will go away once I get married (biggest lie!) but honestly, I suffered a lot and was made fun of a lot!  Honestly, teenagers should thank us bloggers, because of us they don’t have to go through the awkward teen phase!   I did go to a lot of Dermatologists and tried a …

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Tom Ford Summer 2015: Swatches, FOTD and First Impressions!!!!

The new Tom Ford 2015 Soleil/Summer Collection

There were only 2 events in my life so far where I wanted to be insanely rich. Once, a month back when our old loyal car suddenly died in the middle of a highway and could not be salvaged. El hubs was very inconvenienced and at that point I thought, I wish I was insanely rich- I’d just go to the best brand and get his favorite car in 10 mins. ANd recently when I was working with the Tom Ford products *insert deep sighs* The new Tom Ford 2015 Soleil/Summer Collection  was recently launched and it caused a frenzy …

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Breakups to Makeup,  known for its unique accessories featuring quirky cosmetic-related slogans, has partnered with SEPHORA COLLECTION on a new accessories assortment, launching on and SEPHORA stores across the US and Canada starting April 10, 2015.  On this date, you will find two of Breakups to Makeup’s signature makeup clutches in the phrases LOSING YOU HURT BUT LOSING MY MAKEUP BAG WOULD BE A TRAGEDY and I WOULD CRY BUT MY MASCARA IS DESIGNER, as well as a SEPHORA COLLECTION exclusive clutch with the phrase LIFE IS SHORT, WEAR MORE MAKEUP. “As the leading beauty superstore in the world, …

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The Shoes: Your Essential Fashion Accessory!!!

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s the same” The above statement demonstrates the importance of shoes in our life. It is the first thing that catches your eyes. A right attitude and a pair of good shoes are always a formidable combination. It is a matter of great joy to buy the right shoes that fully complement your fashion statement. India’s footwear industry has already grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years together. A lot of new brands have entered into the Indian markets and are available throughout the nation, including Adidas, …

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Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask Review!

I’ve had oily skin and acne all my life and like an idiot I went to a derma and he gave me crazy prescriptions which resulted in great craters on my cheeks.  I wish I had someone like the present me be there for the past me. Or if I knew how to time travel, I’d have instructed me that nothing works on acne or to combat Oily skin more than a regular CTM. Throw in a clay mask once a week and you are Set!!!  No chemicals or no pretentious medicos!!!   DEAD SEA MUD HAS BEEN RENOWNED FOR …

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