Fright Nights at The South Florida Fairgrounds Giveaway!


Fall is my most favorite time of the year and Halloween is like a cherry on the pie! Every year I make sure I go watch the Halloween parade in Miami and  I’m fascinated looking at all the costumes and makeup.  I visited Fright Nights in Orlando with friends before and it was the best time I had getting spooked! Fright Nights is the premier haunted house attraction in South Florida with 4 NEW haunts and an expanded midway with 3 scare zones. The new haunts include: Memento Mori, Animal Farm, Beyond The Gates, and Meadow Lakes. This year they ...

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Movie review : Hotel Transylvania 2!

Hotel Transylvania 2 review

This time the gang is joined by the Adorable Dennis who is Vampire Mavis’ and human Johnny’s cute li’l kid who isn't showing signs of growing into his vampire heritage.. Everyone dotes on him and now that humans are allowed in the hotel, it is really cute to see everyone interact! Drac plays every trick in his vampire book to get Dennis to “be like his heritage” which involves taking him to a mellowed “monster in training” boot camp. While Mavis has her own share of inter-racial weirdness and cultural shock when she goes to Visit Johnny’s parents. Also, Drac’s dad Vlad, who is an old fashioned bat- petting vampire who makes things messier! There is a Lot of symbolism in the entire mo

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We can never forget where we came from!!!!!

Festive season has officially begun in India and on every call I have with my family and friends or every facebook/whatsapp notification is just filled with all the enthusiasm. I moved to USA five years back after I got married and even though it’s not the same, I still try to follow some of it here. I understand that there are areas where there are officially Indian clubs and communities where these are performed on a large scale. And although it was a new territory altogether for me and a lot of people like me… we try to find our ...

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A small haul!

MAC Brownscript eyeshadow

Hey girls… how is everyone… I wanted to save money to get fancy collections coming this fall but then I really needed some things, some were gifted and some I succumbed to ;) So here is a small haul… hope you like it! Warning : Tons of pictures!

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Guest post by Catherine Lavinia Wedding is an extremely exciting, desirable and anticipated day for all girls. On the day before this festive event every princess is worried a lot, for everything has to be perfect up to the tiny details. Anyway, a future bride creates a certain wedding image in her mind, carefully choosing her wedding dress, jewelries, hair style and what is also significant – makeup. Being a mixture of style, color and light, a bridal makeup should be bright and at the same time natural, it should look perfect both at daylight and evening lighting, it has to ...

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